Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Historic American Buildings Survey Documentation.

Graphic Documentation | Fall 2016 | Professor Benjamin Ibarra Sevilla


CAVE Research Hut 6

Carlsbad Caverns National Park (CAVE) is best known for its extensive cave network and resident bat population. Research Hut 6 was constructed from 1927-1929 by cave guides, with no formal architectural or construction training, as employee residences. The masonry building features two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, a communal dining or research room, and a porch. The rustic vernacular style draws from the pueblo buildings of the southwest region, and set the tone for future development in the park. 

Carlsbad Students - 9.JPG

HABS Documentation

As part of a course - Graphic Documentation - we traveled to Carlsbad National Park, NM to conduct field measurements and documentation. We prepared a set of measured drawings and large format photographs for submission to the Historic American Building Survey (HABS). Measurements of the building were taken over the course of three day site visit. Upon returning to our studio in Austin, we translated field notes to pen sketches, and then to scaled, measured drawings in AutoCAD. Working in teams of six, our class documented two employee residences.

Field Records

Due to the irregular, non-orthogonal reality of the building construction and the varied topography, we established a datum line and took measurements around the building for reference in measured drawings. Pen on paper.

South Elevation.

South Elevation.

West Elevation.


To view the group's final measured drawings submitted to the National Park Service, click here.