Badlands Design Guidelines

Cedar Pass, Badlands National Park.

Graduate Research Assistant | Spring 2016 | Collaboration with the National Park Service


Scenic overlook from HWY 240 with views of the Ben Reifel Visitor Center and Cedar Pass to the right.

Illustrated Design Guidelines

In a partnership between UT Austin School of Architecture's Center for Sustainable Development and the National Park Service, I worked as a graduate research assistant (GRA) to help create illustrated design guidelines for the Cedar Pass area of Badlands National Park, a National Register eligible cultural landscape. These guidelines are meant to assist in the application of the Secretary of the Interior's Standards to maintenance and construction projects, mitigate the adverse affects of ADA and ABA upgrades, and to help identify character-defining features of the cultural landscape resources within Cedar Pass. This document was presented to the Badlands National Park and Midwest Regional Office staff and submitted to a formal review process, and is now being actively used in the park. 

For more on the UTSOA advanced design studio that preceded this project, see Badlands Centennial Studio.


Map of cultural landscape resources in Cedar Pass by development phase: Early Tourism (1909-1938), CCC-era (1938-1942), and Mission 66 (1956-1966). 


Ink drawings, colored in Adobe Illustrator, by Hannah Simonson.